Kate Middleton’s response to being known as Princess of Wales goes viral: See

Kate Middleton’s reaction to being called Princess of Wales goes viral: See

Kate Middleton was recently referred to as the Princess of Wales by a royal fan, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s reaction is warming royal hearts on Twitter!

Kate acknowledged reports of her one day losing the Duchess of Cambridge title and becoming the Princess of Wales instead after her husband, Prince William, takes his place as first in line to the throne, last week.

As per Hello magazine, Kate reacted to the imminent change in title during a recent engagement in Cardiff during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly approached by a royal watcher, who told her that she would one day make a great ‘Princess of Wales’.

Kate responded to the royal fan with a rare comment about her eventual role as well as praise for her husband, William, saying: “That’s very kind of you. I’m in good hands.”

A clip of the sweet moment was shared online on Twitter by user @hellen3030.

Kate and William have been known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since tying the knot 11 years ago in April 2011.

William is currently second in line to the British throne, right behind his father Prince Charles, who is the current Prince of Wales.

Once Charles ascends the throne, William and Kate will assume the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales.

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