Kate Middleton reveals what ‘gives meaning to life’

Kate Middleton reveals what ‘gives meaning to life’

Kate Middleton reflected on the struggles of separation during her visit to the Sybil Strachan Primary School in Nassau, Bahamas, as part of her ongoing tour of the Caribbean with husband Prince William.

During the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge talked about the difficulties that students, particularly, had to face during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools and campuses shut down around the world to contain the spread.

Kate shared: “One of the hardest things that we have all found about the pandemic was being separated from the people we love.”

She went on: “But we have also had the chance to rediscover just how important our families are, and just how important our friends are too.”

The Duchess then talked about the ‘simple things’ that bring us joy and are often taken for granted in better times.

“I always think it is the simple things in life that bring us the most joy: Playing together, chatting to your friends at school, eating meals together, and listening to each other’s stories. These are the things that bring us together and give meaning to our lives,” she said.

Kate went on to highlight the ‘special’ part of school life, saying: “The connections, the relationships and the friendships that you make during school are so special. So please look after them, cherish them and take time for them.”

Kate’s own children, 8-year-old Prince George and 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, had to learn virtually from home as schools shut down. They are, however, now back to school at Thomas’s Battersea.

Kate and William are due to return home to England over the weekend as their Caribbean tour comes to a close with their last stop in the Bahamas. 

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