Kate Middleton, Prince William enjoy ‘Freakin’ Naughty’ night: Throwback

Kate Middleton, Prince William enjoy ‘Freakin’ Naughty’ night: Throwback

Kate Middleton and Prince William may be formal royals now, but before their wedding, the couple had some wild nights out together, including one ‘Freakin’ Naughty’ themed party where they were said to ‘reunite’ after a breakup.

According to The Sun, Kate and Wills had split briefly in April 2007 before getting back together in June of that same year after “they spent hours locked in deep conversation” at a friend’s party with William persuading Kate to give him a chance.

Soon after, the pair were back together with Kate joining Prince William at a party to mark the end of his military training.

At the time, The Mail reported: “The theme was ‘Freakin’ Naughty’ and William wore hot pants and a policeman’s helmet, while Kate dressed as a naughty nurse in fishnet tights and a short dress.”

“Tastelessly, there were blow-up dolls hanging from the ceiling and sexy waitresses serving lethal cocktails. Outside was a bouncy castle and plunge pool, but William and Kate stuck to the dancefloor, and that night, she stayed at his barracks.”

The couple, of course, ended up marrying each other in a wedding that was watched by millions across the globe, and now share three children. 

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