Johnny Depp successful within the courtroom of public opinion: Video

Johnny Depp winning in the court of public opinion: Video

Johnny Depp winning in the court of public opinion: Video

Johnny Depp, who’s suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million, is seemingly winning his battle in the court of public opinion as support for the actor has spiked since the trial began.

The Pirates of The Caribbean star’s fans will support their beloved actor regardless of what the verdict comes.

The defamation case, set to resume May 16, has been ugly from the get-go as both parties have graphically detailed allegations they claim to have suffered from the other.

Depp says Heard put a cigarette out on his cheek and hurled a bottle that severed a fingertip. The actress alleges her ex-husband slapped her and conducted a “cavity search” while manically hunting for cocaine he believed she was hiding inside her body.

Yes, there are people in Amber Heard’s corner. But based on social media, especially TikTok posts, Johnny Depp is clearly “winning.” Most observers now believe he is the real victim. Heard has been cast into the role of villain.

It’s strange to analyse this case by hashtag. #JusticeForJohnny has routinely trended across platforms. Meanwhile, as Variety noted, videos with the hashtag “amberturd” have racked up 1.2 billion views.

Amber Heard fired and replaced her PR team on the eve of testifying, which itself is not exactly smart PR. Right or wrong, Ms. Heard senses public sentiment is stacked against her.

And the evidence presented so far suggests that, at the very least, Ms. Heard was also an abuser. Media stories this week have characterized the TikTok trend of ridiculing her testimony as “gross,” “unfair,” “creepy,” “demeaning” and “disgusting.” I would agree — if she’s telling the truth.

Support for the Pirates of The Caribbean star has spiked since the trial began, so regardless of how it ends. Johnny Depp’s fans have refused to believe Amber Heard’s allegations are true.

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