Johnny Depp called ex-wife Amber Heard a ‘rotting corpse’ in SHOCKING message

Johnny Depp called ex-wife Amber Heard a 'rotting corpse' in SHOCKING message

Johnny Depp unearthed text for Amber Heard has been disclosed in court.

As the former couple fights defamation suit in a Wednesday hearing, Depp’s neighbour Isaac Baruch is asked upon an October 2016 texts sent to him by the actor. 

In the text, Depp said he hoped Heard’s “rotting corpse is decomposing in the f—–g trunk of a Honda Civic.” Baruch corroborated the message was sent: “Yeah, it was written.” Depp also texted about Heard: “That c— ruined such a f—–g cool life we had for a while.”

Amber Heard is being represented by lawyer Elaine Bredehoft.

Meanwhile, Baruch left everybody in the court teary-eyed as he narrated Depp’s ordeal amid domestic violence accusations. 

“It’s not fair. It’s not right what she did and what happened for so many people to get affected from this. It’s insane how this happened.”

Bredehoft asked, “Mr. Baruch, you don’t know whether Mr. Depp has committed domestic violence of Amber Heard, do you?” Baruch answered after a pause, “I never saw or witnessed whatever type of claim that is being said. Ever.”

Depp, 58, sued Heard, 35, for defamation over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post about surviving domestic violence.

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