Hilary Duff expresses ‘pleasure’ and ‘confidence’ in her personal pores and skin

Hilary Duff expresses ‘joy’ and ‘confidence’ in her own skin

Hilary Duff expresses ‘joy’ and ‘confidence’ in her own skin
Hilary Duff expresses ‘joy’ and ‘confidence’ in her own skin

Hilary Duff has revealed how “proud” she feels to accept her body image as it is over the years.

In a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine, for which she posed sans clothes for the publication’s cover story, the Lizzie McGuire star said, “I am proud of my body that it’s produced three children for me.”

While speaking on body image issues in entertainment industry, the 34-year-old actress noted that there has always been a pressure “to look a certain way”.

The Perfect Man star also admitted that in her teens, she struggled with eating disorder which was “horrifying” because she had to look pretty on the screen.

However, Duff remarked that she has now “gotten to a place of being peaceful” with the changes her body has gone through over the years, while “it has also given the opportunity to birth her three children”.

The Someone’s watching over Me crooner also mentioned that it took time to accept her body because it was not just external but there were a few “mental things” that affected her.

Duff believed that no matter how much people alter their “physical appearance”, it’s more important to focus on what’s “on the inside”.

“We get facials and Botox and our hair done and highlights and brows and lash lifts. But I want to work on the inside because that’s the most important part of the system,” she stated.

Duff went on to add, “I think that at 34 I have just gained a lot of respect for my body. I feel like the older I get, the more confident I get in my own skin.”

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