Dua Zahra’s father plans to take authorized motion in opposition to daughter’s interviewer

Dua Zahra's father plans to take legal action against daughter's interviewer

KARACHI: After Dua Zahra’s appearance on camera for an official interview for the first time since she mysteriously went missing from Karachi in April, but later declared that she had run away from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed, her father Mehdi Kazmi has announced to approach the Supreme Court against the woman who interviewed the couple.

The interview went viral on social media in which Zahra and her husband Zaheer openly talked about their marriage for the first time in the entire episode since her disappearance.

Reacting to the interview, Kazmi reiterated what he has been saying from the beginning: “The girl is in their custody and they can make her say whatever they want.”

Moving on to the interviewer, Kazmi said that she will soon receive a notice from the Supreme Court.

“She [the interviewer] claimed that she has been in contact with these people [Zahra and Zaheer] from the first day, but after she receives the notice, all of them will disappear, this bibi will also disappear and say that her contact with them has been cut off,” he said.

Mehdi went on to say that all of the things Zahra said in the interview were a pile of lies.

It may be recalled that the Sindh High Court had given Zahra the choice to live with whoever she wants to.

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