College students face troubles as safety tightens at KU after terrorist assault

Students face issues entering the University of Karachi. — Twitter/@draligi

Students face issues entering the University of Karachi. — Twitter/@draligi
Students face issues entering the University of Karachi. — Twitter/@draligi
  • Security tightens inside Karachi University after attack. 
  • Unauthorised persons, private vehicles have been barred from entering university.
  • Students have to walk in scorching heat from university gate to their departments.

KARACHI: The security inside the University of Karachi has been tightened since the terrorist attack on the Chinese nationals, due to which students are facing a myriad of issues on campus.  

To enhance security, the university has barred unauthorised persons and private vehicles from entering the campus because of which students have no means to commute within the campus. 

Owing to the size of the university, students said they have to walk several kilometres in scorching heat from the university gate to their respective departments.

Students are allowed to enter the university after showing their university identity cards at the gate. However, security guards are not allowing students to travel on their motorcycles even after showing their identity cards. 

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Recently, in an incident outside the Sheikh Zayed Gate of the university, security personnel started hitting a university student and detained him. 

On the other hand, all the canteens have been closed for an indefinite period of time, due to which students are unable to buy clean drinking water. 

According to the security adviser of the University of Karachi Dr Zubair, security measures are taken upon the advice of the law enforcement agencies to protect the students and teachers. “The CCTV cameras are being repaired, while walk-through gates and metal detectors have been ordered,” he added. 

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About the reopening of the canteens, Dr Zubair said that the canteens were being run without tenders and there was no record of the employees. “Therefore, the canteens will be opened once the tenders are issued and employee records are verified,” he said.

Regarding the accommodation of unrelated persons in the Staff Colony, the administration said that action is being taken against the unrelated residents inside the colony. 

Moreover, teachers have rented out their allotted plots illegally. The administration said that arrangements to save the students from trouble are being “improved.”

Islamic Jamiat Talba criticises KU’s administration 

Islamic Jamiat Talba Spokesperson Umair Baig said that the university administration is in a state of confusion which is clear from their actions. 

Condemning the university’s “tight security”, Baig said that the students have to walk long distances in extreme heat. 

He warned the university administration to “keep ego and power out of their way”, otherwise, the Islamic Jamiat Talba will stage a protest. 

APMSO condemns mistreatment of students 

All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation also condemned the mistreatment of the students by the university administration. 

The APMSO member said that today’s incident indicates that the university’s management is failing to formulate a systematic policy, adding that the organisation is playing an active role to find a solution to these problems. 

He also warned that the students will protest for their rights if the university fails to issue a systematic policy by Monday.

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