British Royal Family should be ‘ditched’, demands critic

British Royal Family should be ‘ditched’, demands critic

Calls against the British crown are rising after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Caribbean tour ignited republican protests across the region, and now a political commentator has demanded that the whole royal family be ‘removed’.

According to Express UK, critic Marina Purkiss blasted the monarchy for what she called ‘outdated views’ and its practice of choosing heirs based on ‘divine right’.

Purkiss insisted that the current heirs in line for the British throne after Queen Elizabeth were ‘unsuitable’, saying: “The Queen has behaved impeccably but the people that follow her…”

She then went on to explain her views, adding: “Charles is currently being investigated by the Met Police for this cash for honours scandal. Her other son, Prince Andrew, don’t get me started.”

Purkiss further added: “The idea that these people are supposed to be beacons of morality, to show us the way of how to live our lives, they’re chosen by God via this divine right of kings to lord it over us is nonsense.”

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