Arooj Aftab speaks about her first Grammy win

Arooj Aftab at the 64th annual Grammy Awards. — Reuters/File

Arooj Aftab at the 64th annual Grammy Awards. — Reuters/File
Arooj Aftab at the 64th annual Grammy Awards. — Reuters/File

KARACHI: Pakistani-American singer and composer Arooj Aftab has done the unthinkable: she won a Grammy

During our last conversation (pre-Grammy win), when asked what was presently on her mind, she answered without hesitation: “Grammys”. Nominated for two awards, Arooj did go onto win a Grammy in the category of Best Global Performance.

However, now that she has won in one out of the two categories and appeared on Coke Studio 14 prior to the win for a terrific collaborative sing ‘Mehram’ with Asfar Hussain, we are intrigued by what follows the victory.

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In a brief audio conversation, Aftab spoke about what the immediate future looks like. “Well, nothing really,” she said, “because we had signed to Universal label and we are already booked for this year.”

“I’m on tour right now; there’s a small stint of shows happening during all of April such as Iowa, Minnesota, Chicago. There’s Coachella [Valley Music and Arts Festival] on both weekends followed by a show in Los Angeles. There’s a little bit of a break and after that I am on tour…”

Among corners of the world, Aftab will take her music to the United Kingdom and Europe all summer. “September is getting filled up also so this is all stuff we have committed to from before…” said the singing sensation, “Once this is done, my team will try to angle for us to be the next level sort of artist since the award (Grammy) has been won. But more or less the same, I think.

“It is not a given that once you win a Grammy you can go around demanding stuff and that is definitely not our vibe. But I wouldn’t mind levelling up either. It’s definitely not something we are just not going to do. There’s a whole lot of touring and Coachella, which is this week actually so that’s next.”

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She revealed there are some shows in Canada and she is really looking forward to them.

“There are some big, beautiful shows that I am looking forward to and hitting those audiences. They are mostly all sold out at this point and that’s super exciting.

“After the win, I have mostly sold out and gained 50,000 followers (on social media). I am sure they’re BTS fans but I’m not complaining. I love them all and I love all my new fans and there’s just a lot of love pouring in and it feels really good and just kind of basking it in and doing this touring, staying healthy and safe and trying to enjoy what has happened.”

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