February 3, 2023

Aaron Carter’s dog Zelda rehomed following singer’s death

Aaron Carter’s dog Zelda rehomed following singer’s death

Aaron Carter’s beloved dog Zelda is in good hands.

The late singer’s 3-year-old German Shepherd is now living with fiancée Melanie Martin’s relatives, according to TMZ.

The outlet reports that Melanie’s sister, Jennifer Martin, and her fiancé, Max, took the pup in one day after Carter was tragically found dead in his bathtub at age 34, with Zelda by his side.

The couple said it “felt right to take Zelda in” because Melanie was “going through a lot” after the former child star died on Nov. 5.

“[Zelda] seemed to be in shock when she was found … acting nervous and scared,” the couple told TMZ, adding that she’s doing “a lot better” now following the traumatic incident.

The pair also noted that she “isn’t going to get fixed, but they don’t want more pups” because Zelda has already had two litters.

Aaron Carter with his dog
Zelda is now living with Melanie Martin’s relatives.

Carter was also dad to another dog named Karma. TMZ reports that she “wasn’t as shaken up as Zelda” and was rehomed to one of Jennifer’s coworkers.

Earlier this week, Carter’s former manager, Taylor Helgeson, told Page Six that cyberbullying slowly “broke” the singer down over a period of time.

“It was like a nightmare,” Helgeson said of the constant hate the late “I Want Candy” singer received. “It was nonstop. It was so relentless and, yeah, it did a number on him.”

Helgeson also told us that Aaron didn’t get to hash things out with his older brother, Nick Carter, after their years-long public feud.

Aaron Carter with his dog
He also had another dog named Karma, who has also been rehomed.

“I know that they had plans … to get together, to forgive,” the manager said of his relationship with the Backstreet Boys member.

“I don’t know exactly when, but I know that they wanted to — that was the idea.”

Nick, 42, penned an emotional tribute to his brother, writing in part, “Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded.”

“I have always held onto the hope, that he would somehow, someday want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help that he so desperately needed,” he continued. “Sometimes we want to blame someone or something for a loss. But the truth is that addiction and mental illness is the real villain here.”

Aaron was reportedly surrounded by compressed air cans and pill bottles when he died. His official cause of death is yet to be revealed, pending toxicology results.

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