tips on managing your healthcare

Whether you’ve just aged out of your parent’s insurance policy or are caring for elderly parents, managing healthcare can feel like an immense burden, no matter where you are in life. The limitations that present themselves, from cost to lack of accommodations, can make managing healthcare needs a significant challenge. Thankfully, there are ways to access needed care using strategic and cost-effective options. To learn more about these options, here are four tips on managing your healthcare.

1. Utilize Patient Portals

By signing up for a patient portal through your doctor’s office, you’ll gain access to your health information whenever needed. You can pinpoint information about tests you’ve taken, such as independent medical examinations, obtain test results, discuss your care with your doctor via messaging, and in some cases, even receive health coverage for specific drugs you may be prescribed. For more information, check in with your doctor to see how they can help you make caring for your health more accessible.

2. Use Telehealth Services

You don’t always need to book an appointment with your doctor to get your questions answered. You can see if your doctor works through a telehealth system for follow-ups and routine checks. You can inquire about the telehealth platforms your doctor belongs to by calling your doctor’s office. Although telehealth is typically cheaper than most in-person visits, you may be able to apply your insurance and copay to your visit for an even more affordable price. Talk to your insurance provider to see what Telehealth services are covered under your plan before you use these services to ensure it is affordable for you.

tips on managing your healthcare

3. After Hours Office Calls

You can leave a message on your doctor’s after-hours number for emergencies. Listen to the automated recording to press the right key to leave a voicemail for your urgent concern or request. You should be in contact with your doctor or a provider who can assist you on the same day. From there, you can even schedule appointments for the following day or receive a call back from your doctor to hash out any specifics that need to be addressed urgently. Not every medical request is urgent, so be sure you’re leaving voicemails necessary to ensure a call back from your provider. An example of an urgent medical request would be for a medication you need for your mental health or another dependent condition. If you are out of vital medication, you can contact your doctor to get an urgent refill sent to your pharmacy.

4. Use Money-Saving Strategies On Prescriptions

Receive discounts that can save you hundreds on your drugs. You can often find significant discounts on the medications you need by using money-saving strategies like GoodRX. Your pharmacist will be able to give you the lowest price, whether as a GoodRX member or as an insurance policyholder. Whichever price is lower is what you’ll end up paying. It may not be as cost-effective as universal healthcare, but it can still save you a
bundle! You may also be able to sign up to receive your medication via mail, which may save you money on specific prescriptions. You’ll also save yourself a trip to the pharmacy! You may have your medication mailing set up for 90-
day refills or similar to ensure that you’ll always have enough medication on hand, no matter what!

The Bottom Line

You can take better care of your healthcare needs in many different ways. Consider the above suggestions and start implementing strategies that give you greater control over your health. Utilize the available resources you need to care for yourself and your family members.

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