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Relocating to a new house is not only exhausting but also stressful. But it also can produce some funny and ridiculous scenes! These three movies concerning relocation and moving into a new home would be hilarious.

1- The Money Pit (1986)

In the timeless comedy The Money Pit, written and directed by Richard Benjamin, a couple finds that their dream house is falling apart. They buy an amazing house almost for free and find out that it needs major work. As they seek to repair one thing and another, their marriage is tested. It has comedic mistakes, some unexpected twists, and a less-than-friendly house with the information you’ve always wanted to know about moving if you were in that situation.

One of the greatest scenes from this film is when a shower curtain constitutes an attack on Walter, who slips through one open floor. While he stands there naked and smeared, and says, “This shall not be my house! Never this flooring !!” The film has in it all those details of the miseries and dirt we come from when moving into a new living home for life’s sake.

2- The Karate Kid (1984)

However, although “The Karate Kid” is not a classic moving story, it displays the challenges and adventures of living somewhere one does not belong. Daniel is an adolescent male character who relocates from New Jersey to California with his mother. After that, he is bullied at his new place of study and turns to Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), his neighbor, for assistance. With the help of Miyagi, Daniel learns karate, and there are great life principles he uses to fight obstacles in his career.

The movie features plenty of humorous and funny situations, such as when Daniel learns to tackle Mr. Miyagi’s car or paint a fence. It also has a distinguishable training montage that is accompanied by the famous song “Eye of Tiger.” The Karate Kid reveals that relocating to a new place can serve as an opportunity for growth and education in spite of challenges.

3- Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story is the ideal film to watch when relocating with relatives who have children. This is a film about toys that are owned by a boy named Andy and his fear of being thrown away because he moves into another home. Going with Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear, the toys get victorious for their experiences visiting new lands that make them fight against Sid, A pitiless toy. The movie is a heartwarming, funny tale that reminds us home is more than bricks and mortar: it’s where we belong.

Perhaps one of the funniest scenes from this movie is when Woody and Buzz find a way out through their neighbor’s house, where they meet an insane Slinky dog. Some outlandish lines, including “To infinity and beyond!”. And” You are a sad, strange little man” makes the movie attractive to all age groups of people.

In conclusion, moving to another house can seldom be easy, but it could make good fun. All three movies above, “The Money Pit,” The Karate Kid’ and ‘Toy Story, portray real-life hilarious moments when moving away. So, instead of loading your bags and unloading them again, choose some movies with popcorn as a snack to relax. First, a stressful moving day can be brightened by laughter.

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